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1. Payment Process Timeline (posted 12/6/17)
2. Watch Video of the 6/29/17 Town Hall Meeting in Miami (posted August 3, 2017).
3. Watch Video Interview with the Special Masters (posted August 3, 2017).
4. New Centralized Process for Representative Claimants and Derivative Claimant Representatives
5. Notice of Hearing on September 19, 2017, Regarding Allegations of Deceptive or Misleading Solicitations to Settlement Class Members from Claims Service Providers, Lenders, and Others, including Retired NFL Players Working on Behalf of these Entities. Requests to be Heard at the Hearing Must be Submitted by September 12, 2017.
6. How to Respond to Notices of Claim Package Deficiency for Monetary Award Claims Asserting Level 1.5 and 2 Neurocognitive Impairment (posted June 27, 2017)
7. Overview of Derivative Claimant Process (posted June 27, 2017)
8. BAP Class Member Portal (posted May 22, 2017)
9. Easier Ways to Respond to Notices of Incomplete Registration (updated May 8, 2017)
10. How to Prove Your Status as a Retired NFL Football Player (posted April 19, 2017)
11. How to Prove Your Eligible Seasons for BAP Eligibility (posted April 19, 2017)
12. How to Calculate Eligible Seasons (posted April 11, 2017)
13. Qualified MAF Physicians List Now Available (posted April 7, 2017)
14. Claim Submission Period Opens (posted March 23, 2017)
15. Settlement Program Forms (Updated March 14, 2017)
16. Watch Proceedings from the 2/8/17 Status Conference (posted March 9, 2017)
17. How to Get Reliable Information About the Settlement Program (posted February 2, 2017)
18. Physician Networks with No Official Connection to the Settlement Program (posted December 27, 2016)
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