Payment Process Timeline

Lays out the steps in the payment process to explain potential timing

Monetary Award Grid

Breaks down the value of Monetary Award claims by Qualifying Diagnosis and the Player’s age when he was diagnosed

Diagnosis and Review Table

Details who can make each Qualifying Diagnosis, the criteria used to make that diagnosis and the review standard used by the Claims Administrator or AAP to evaluate the diagnosis

Guide to What Medical Records "Reflect" a Qualifying Diagnosis

Contains a non-exhaustive list of examples of the type of references in medical records that “reflect” each Qualifying Diagnosis

Injury Definitions

Exhibit 1 to the Settlement Agreement, which describes the requirements for each Qualifying Diagnosis

Guide to Raw Scores

Explains the difference between Raw Scores and Raw Data, as well as other types of scores

How to Calculate Eligible Seasons

Explains the League, Roster Type, Game Type and Game Count requirements for proving an “Eligible Season” and “Half of an Eligible Season” defined by the Settlement Agreement

Overview of Derivative Claimant Process

Summarizes how claims for Derivative Claimant Awards are handled

Guide to Liens in the Settlement Program

Defines different types of Liens handled in the Program and clarifies the distinction between holdbacks and deductions