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Court Documents
1. Explanation and Order Regarding Assignment of Monetary Claims to Third Parties (filed December 8, 2017)
2. Notice of Opportunity to Comment on Frequently Asked Questions (filed December 1, 2017)
3. Joint Status Report on the Implementation of the Settlement Program (filed November 3, 2017)
4. Order Regarding Payment of Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses from Claims on Funding Request No. 7 Dated August 10, 2017 and Future Funding Requests
5. Order Regarding Payment of Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses from Claims on Funding Request No. 6 Dated July 10, 2017 (filed September 7, 2017)
6. Order Approving Centralized Process for Representative Claimants and Derivative Claimant Representatives (filed July 25, 2017)
7. Court-Authorized Notice Regarding Third-Party Claims Service Providers & Other Solicitations (filed June 12, 2017)
8. Monetary Award Grid (By Age at Time of Qualifying Diagnosis)
9. Petition for Attorney Fees and Declaration of Co-Lead Class Counsel (filed February 13, 2017)
10. Order Regarding Retention Exchange and Confidentiality of Claims Information (filed March 23, 2017)
11. Court Approved Notice of Filing of Petition for Attorney Fees Costs and 5% Holdback on Awards (filed March 8, 2017)
12. Order Appointing Special Masters (filed July 13, 2016)
13. Third Circuit Opinion Affirming Final Approval (filed April 18, 2016)
14. Order Clarifying Paragraph 16 of the Amended Final Order and Judgment (filed May 11, 2015)
15. Amended Final Order and Judgment (filed May 8, 2015)
16. Final Approval Order and Judgment (filed April 22, 2015)
17. Final Approval Memorandum Opinion
18. Amended Class Action Settlement Agreement (filed February 13, 2015)
19. Class Action Settlement Agreement with Exhibits (filed June 25, 2014)
20. Injury Definitions
21. Preliminary Approval Order
22. Preliminary Approval Memorandum Opinion
23. Memorandum of Law in Support of Preliminary Approval
24. Motion for Preliminary Approval
25. Declaration of Layn R. Phillips
26. Declaration of Katherine Kinsella
27. Timely Opt Out Requests Containing All Information Required by Section 14.2(a) or Otherwise Approved by the Court
28. Opt Out Requests that Were Untimely and/or Did Not Contain All Information Required by Section 14.2(a)
Notice Materials
1. Registration Reminder
2. Supplemental Class Notice
3. Pre-Registration Notice
4. Long-form Notice
5. Summary Notice
6. 9/29/2016 update from Co-Lead Class Counsel on the filings with the Supreme Court
7. 7/19/2016 update from Co-Lead Class Counsel
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