Settlement Agreement Benefits - General Information

24. Must a Retired NFL Football Player be vested under the NFL Retirement Plan to receive Settlement benefits?

No. A Retired NFL Football Player can be a Settlement Class Member and receive Settlement benefits regardless of whether he is vested under the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan.

25. Are the Settlement benefits connected to any NFL or NFLPA-related benefits programs?

No. The Settlement benefits are completely independent of any benefits programs that have been created by or between the NFL and the NFL Players Association (for example, the 88 Plan or the Neuro-Cognitive Disability Benefit).

26. If I receive benefits under the 88 Plan or any other disability plan, do I automatically qualify for a Monetary Award in the Settlement Program?

No. The criteria used for Qualifying Diagnoses under the Settlement Agreement are different from those used in the 88 Plan and other NFL disability plans. For that reason, your medical records must reflect a Qualifying Diagnosis under the Settlement Agreement’s criteria to qualify for a Monetary Award (click here for an FAQ about Qualifying Diagnoses). If you think your records from a diagnosis made for an NFL disability plan will reflect a Qualifying Diagnosis under the Settlement Agreement and have a Diagnosing Physician Certification Form from the doctor who made that diagnosis, you can contact the Claims Administrator to allow it access to your disability plan records. The Claims Administrator will add those disability plan records to your Claim Package and review them to make a Monetary Award determination.

If you want the Claims Administrator to get any medical records from the NFL disability plans, you will need to complete a separate HIPAA form allowing it to request those records. Click here for a copy of that form, complete it and upload it through your portal or send it to the Claims Administrator by mail.

27. Does this Settlement prevent Retired NFL Football Players from bringing workers’ compensation claims?

No. Claims for workers’ compensation are not barred by this Settlement.

28. What types of education programs are supported by the Settlement?

The Settlement provides $10 million in funding to support education programs promoting safety and injury prevention with respect to football players, including safety-related initiatives in youth football, the education of Retired NFL Football Players regarding the NFL’s medical and disability programs and other educational programs and initiatives. The Court will approve such programs with input from Class Counsel, Counsel for the NFL Parties and medical experts. Retired NFL Football Players may actively participate in such initiatives if they desire. Additional information and developments about these programs will be made available on the Settlement Website. Contact Class Counsel if you have feedback or suggestions for these programs.

29. If the science about the Qualifying Diagnoses changes, will the Settlement Program change the definitions or testing protocols for them?

Periodically, but not more than once every 10 years, Class Counsel and the NFL Parties will discuss possible changes to the definitions of the Qualifying Diagnoses and/or the protocols for making them, in light of generally accepted advances in medical science. Click here to read Section 6.6(a) of the Settlement Agreement, which provides more information about modifying the Qualifying Diagnoses.